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Planting a Tree Legacy can honor an individual, commemorate an event or memorialise a loved one. The Tree Legacy assists reforestation programs through non-profit planting groups Worldwide.  A Tree Legacy is a unique way to express your feelings to that special someone.  Whether you're expressing your deepest condolences or most heart-felt congratulatory wishes, having a young tree planted to honor a special person is a unique way to show you care in a special and creative way. It's a living gift that gives lasting recognition to the person and involves them in a partnership of renewing the Worlds ecosystems.


A Gift that has the potential to ~ live for over 600 years ~ provide enough oxygen for two people for life ~ provide habitat to over 100 different species.


Your Gift Includes:

 - A Legacy Tree planted with the utmost care into a vulnerable habitat of your choosing.
- A Personalised Certificate of Planting.
 - A fact sheet detailing the characteristics of your Legacy Tree. 



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