A memorial tree is truly a memorial that will last forever.

Flowers, although a beautiful sympathy gift, can fade after only a few days. There is a better way to create a truly memorable gift to represent that special someone.

To a grieving soul sending a tree memorial through www.thetreelegacy.org is beautiful way to connect with a cherished person in your life.

Not only for friends and family, the Tree Legacy also provides tree memorials for pets. Whether for your beloved dog or cat, having a small tree planted in their memory is a fantastic way to honor their memory.

All trees are planted in areas requiring the utmost attention and care. Degraded lands of Australia and America or previously cleared land of the Amazon jungle are just some of the sites where The Tree Legacy operate.

All tree memorial packages will include a personalized planting certificate, a fact sheet on your newly adopted tree, a display folder and a rigid mailer.