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Why plant gift trees?

In world of ever increasing habitat destruction and tree removal, it has never been more important to give back to our natural ecosystems. Habitat destruction, soil erosion, lost carbon sequestration and raised salinity are only a few problems associated with land clearing and tree removal. How can I help such a large global problem? The answer is to look locally. If we all assisted in the rehabilitation of our local natural ecosystems we, together, can make a REAL difference. The Tree Legacy can help you make a difference on a global stage with assisting in the rehabilitation of your local natural communities. Purchase a memorial tree or celebration gift tree for that special loved one. Your Legacy Tree will then...

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Memorial Tree for a lost loved one

The idea of a tree memorial gift is pretty simple – it is all giving and growing the legacy that also benefits the environment for years to come. Needless to say; it also fits into its natural surroundings. The Remembrance tree thus plays its share to the beauty of the countryside and the purity of the air we breathe. Every memorial tree purchased through The Tree Legacy will be a prominant feature of the surroundings in the country of your choosing. All Memorial tree gifts will include a planting certificate as personalized by you and a fact sheet outlining the characteristics of your new tree memorial.

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The Tree Legacy Launches

We did it!  We have finally launched The Tree Legacy, a global tree planting initiative. The Tree Legacy plants memorial tree gifts and celebration tree gifts to individuals around the world. No other gift provides more to the world than a Legacy Tree. Each tree has the potential to live for over 600 years, provide enough oxygen for two people for life and play home to over 100 different species. What better way to remember a lost loved one then to provide a tree memorial with The Tree Legacy Worldwide. Have your memorial tree planted in either the forests of the United States, The bushland of Australia or the The Amazon Jungle of South America. Thank you to all who...

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