About Us


The Tree Legacy is a Global collective of environmentally conscious charities, business' and individuals whose mission is to broaden the awareness of environmental movements through the giving of tree gifts and tree memorials.

Since its conception, The Tree Legacy has expanded WorldWide to include planting sites in Australia, The United States and the worlds most fragile and unique ecosystem - the Amazon Jungle.

The Tree Legacy offers business and individuals the ability to plant memorial trees and gift trees on behalf of gift recipients. Each tree legacy has the potential to live for centuries to come as well as provide enough oxygen for two people for LIFE and provide valuable habitat to local fauna.

Each Legacy Tree is planted in native landscapes identified as requiring immediate restoration and care. Our planting sites are chosen by highly skilled environmentalists who deem an area in great need of our legacy trees. Over time, each tree memorial or tree gift will establish itself - spreading there roots to stabilise the soil, spread there leaves and branches to provide shade and protection.

Your Tree Legacy gift will play an integral role in the rehabilitation of the Worlds ecosystems and become a significant member of the the Global Environment.

All tree memorial gifts and celebration tree gifts are planted by local community groups.

Corporate gift tree tree memorial 


Email: memorialtrees@mail.com